Why is football artificial grass considered best for football players?

A comfortable environment is in huge demand when we are playing in the field. Especially in the playground where we observe natural grass is the biggest problem. We need a maintenance-free product which will serve ease while playing in the ground. Today football artificial grass has been introduced which is designed to replicate the high-quality natural turf fields. This type of grass is produced using soft, non-abrasive fibers that replicate natural in color, feel and performance. 

Now the question is why is football artificial grass more appreciated than ordinary artificial grass? Two main features are infilled in football artificial grass to give support and bounce the football because the fibers of the football artificial grass slow down the speed of the ball.  They are filled with silica sand and rubber granules.

  • Silica sand – this filing is environmentally friendly, stabilizes and supports the system and accounts for 70% of total infill weight.
  • Rubber granules – these granules are also environmentally beneficial, provide a softer surface and give bounce because rounded granules resist floating or displacement in high-use areas and accounts for 30% of total infill weight.

Benefits of football artificial grass

Choosing football artificial grass will help bring along the following benefits for you to cherish.

  1. They always get training and play in the best condition.
  2. The football field owner gets more playing hours capacity on this pitch.
  3. When there is an increase in the capacity, more members are also increased which result in the increase of more budgets to invest in youth and future.
  4. Another benefit of football artificial grass is the friendly playing with highly resilient.
  5. football artificial grass consists excellent UV stability
  6. This artificial grass has proven durability, high strength, and tenacity.
  7. Football artificial grass installation provides high quality at a low and very affordable price.
  8. The fact that it needs no maintenance is usually exaggerated. Despite what number times, it aforesaid, minimal maintenance is one among the key advantages of football artificial grass.
  9. In natural grass, there are no clean Spots. High volumes of traffic will result in pathways, ruts or clean spots in the field. Football artificial grass is very resilient and resists the constant pressure of being walked on. The blades of the turf grass restore and stay upright as long because the filler is in situ.
  10. Where natural grass will fade and die in shaded areas, football artificial grass needs no direct daylight. This artificial grass works well in shade because it will maintain the color and size with or while needing not the daylight and water.
  11. One of the advantages of football artificial grass is, it contains an associated anti-bacterial that helps to forestall the spread of germs and microorganisms. Playing is safe on football artificial grass without worrying of being exposed to harmful pesticides, fertilizers or different hepatotoxic chemicals utilized in maintaining a natural grass field.

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