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Nowadays artificial grass is used in a lot of places, be it gardens, verandahs or inside houses for the purpose of interior design. Artificial grass as we know it is generally made up of synthetic. They are slightly different from natural grass as they don’t require much maintenance but look almost alike. It is in great demand nowadays and is mostly used for residential and industrial applications. The reason behind this is that artificial grass can stand the trials of time unlike natural grass which wears out easily and requires consistent maintenance.

The use of artificial grass is made mostly in domed, covered and partially covered stadiums. This is because it is hard for the people tasked with maintaining the grass as they can never get it enough sunlight to keep it intact. Using artificial grass also has many shortcomings because the grass has a limited life and requires regular cleaning as well. Pesticides also need to be used on it so that it doesn’t get destroyed by insects and the quality of the grass stays the same with the passage of time. Artificial grass was first used back in 1960s in the newly constructed aerodromes. The grass was developed by Monsanto and was given the name Astro Turf which soon became a colloquial name for artificial grass.

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Artificial turfs which were used back in the 1960s have gradually been phased out and replaced by second and third generation turf systems. The second generation turf systems which are available in the market nowadays have longer fibers and sand infills. Third generation artificial turf systems have also been launched recently. These turf systems come with an infill which is a mixture of sand and granules of recycled rubber. Integrating the three systems of artificial grass to great effect is a company which goes by the name of Artificial Grass Dubai. With their assistance you can beautify your surrounding areas with authentic artificial grass. Artificial Grass Dubai uses synthetic grass for the outdoor furniture which include the likes of logo mats for branding and sports grass which is always ready to be played on without requiring much of assistance.

When you engage the services of Artificial Grass Dubai, you are guaranteed of complete satisfaction because they use the highest quality of materials. The company offers customized grass which is of the highest quality and is hard to find anywhere else in all of the United Arab Emirates. Opting for their services would be a wise choice if you wish to change your outdoor surroundings.


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